Supernature White Truffle Oil


Truffle country is on my doorstep. I remind the dogs of this, each time we go for a walk, appealing to their better nature, “go on do me a favour, and snuffle up some”. 

In return I get wagging tails, and no truffles. 

So, my fix has to come in other forms. Presently my preferred truffle delivery system is via Supernature’s White Truffle Oil. It has three, yes three of those gold star things, I’d happily give it a fourth, as the stuff is transformative.

I’d suggest not on your cornflakes, but outside of that, there isn’t much a drop or two won’t enhance. 

Particularly at breakfast, slice of toast, good butter, and a few drops of oil, served with a fried egg on top is heaven. 


Made from Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil with some truffle at the bottom. Good for you from the off, with high burn point, low in saturated fat etc. It also comes in a package which looks like a new cult, space age, organic beauty product. Bog standard this is not. 


The key for me though is the taste, a rich depth of flavour, which is buttery and smooth rather than overpowering. 

Frankly it’s what we are looking for with Purposeful Activity. To celebrate the best.

And the best, comes in many forms, from Bespoke tailoring, hand made shoes, and iconic vehicles; through to simple items and experiences which elevate the everyday.