Oudolf Field


Despite our hard fought disposition to complain, there is much to be admired about British weather, beauty in all seasons. London on a crisp autumn day through to winter walk on Salisbury Plain in the pouring rain.

Few places showcase this more than Piet Oudolf’s garden at Hauser & Wirth, Bruton. Somewhere which dazzles upon first visit and gets under your skin with repeat viewings. 

The most impressive thing about it is the desire to try and replicate at home, and the eventual understanding you simply cannot match its simple beauty. This is garden planning at its peak. A work of art writ large in loam and turf. 

At the far end lies Radić Pavilion. Designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radić, 2014’s Serpentine pavilion retired in style to the country, made of fibreglass and sat squat like an alien garage, it manages to offer sculpture to photos with indulgent views the other way.

Even in the depth of winter there is beauty here. Colours washed out like chic natural flooring, dry grasses whistling and waving in the wind. 

As spring comes colour pops, intensifying each week across the season until autumn and the pink, purple, green, blue and yellow turns to fire.