Turnbull & Asser Brushed Cotton Shirt

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By the time you read this, I should, long story short, be stood half way up a Welsh hill. 

Quiet curses about the 4am call time silenced by the ugly beauty of that land of my fathers. 

Given the early start I’ll have retreated to classics. Not fusty and naff period dressing, but those items which take no thought and provide such comfort. 

One of these is a brushed cotton checked shirt from Turnbull and Asser, or as someone lovingly called it my country shirt.

Worn over white t-shirt and under thick jumper with collar half peeping out. 


That collar, as always unfused, natural in feel and shape. This time button down, with sustainable mother of pearl collar buttons never done up, I’m cliché like that, or is it just my father’s son? I can never remember which. 

That brushed cotton, it’s soft, super soft, let you into a secret soft: tumble dryers. 

Washed as hard as you can at 30º, then popped into the tumble dryer, taken out about 10 minutes from dry and hung to finish. No irons please. 

If you disagree with my method, that’s cool, email is around here somewhere. In this instance and with this shirt, I know I’m right though. 

As for the check, an accents of blue Tattersall, as English or Irish as shirting checks get. 


This one was cut and beautifully handmade in Gloucester. The more it is worn, and worn, and worn again, the more you realise just how important taking such time and care over the production is. Buttons neither pop nor slink off. They remain stood to attention, whether on the three button cuff, button down collar or main body. 

English shirting, isn’t that just a thing. Forget the 3 or 5 for a ton ruined after a wash crowd. I mean proper English shirting, Jermyn Street in ethos rather than just retail address. 

With regular reading (please come back), you will discover I frequent each of the big Jermyn Street three, from Emma Willis, T&A, and our friends in Burlington Arcade Budd. As well as their Haberdasher Street cousins Drakes

Each has differing strengths and make shirts for differing purposes. They are all to be cherished, if only for producing shirting that is trials and tribulations of life proof.