Marmite with your name on


Look, Marmite is Marmite.

Like that European thing we all voted on. You’re in or out.

A lover or a hater.

Families divided.

Then again, who actually hates Marmite? I always think it’s one of those fussy eater conundrums, “don’t like it”, “have you tried it?” “Look, I don’t need to try Marmite to know I hate it, countless advertising campaigns have told me such, even that website thingy told me, it’s a fact”.

I mean come on…

Marmite is a wonder of consistent taste. A moreish, umami hit on hot buttered toast. One of the few things that a Brit needs to feel at home, anywhere, along with a decent cup of tea and the opportunity to moan about the economy, Brexit (you know that European thing), the weather, and your football team.

Part of me wonders whether the iconic yellow and brown packaging helps with the appeal, blurry of eyed in the morning it stands out like a homecoming beacon. 

For the past couple of years, you’ve been able to augment this morning experience by personalising your jar

Personalisation is a tricky thing. Done well it brings a smile to the face, done badly, let’s not go there.  

This is very well done. Making an ordinary 250g jar just special enough without descending into parody.