Harviestoun Schiehallion


Besides the fancy name, this website is about celebrating the best the UK has to give, in all forms. 

From the grand through to the small. Life changing, to day enhancing.

As I write this, we are in the middle of Christmas party season, a time where despite the papers arguing that we are becoming a nation of abstainers, we give ourselves whole heartedly in the pursuit of Hogarthian excess.

This is as much a part of British society and the tradition of Christmas as flammable tinsel and constant from dawn till dawn flashing rainbow coloured outside lights. 

Party hats on, carousing and carolling. The party shifts from work, to Dog & Duck, then home. A place where you grumble why your nearest and dearest are stealing your favourites out of ‘that’ chocolate tin. 

Peeling yourself from chair of choice, you wander purposefully towards the fridge. Remembering your moment of glory, because nestled amongst those painfully on trend, crimes against patisserie, those melty, salted caramel snow globe, sugar traps you saw in an advert, is something the chocolate stealers don’t know about. 

Something better than the norm. 


Harveistoun Brewery’s Schiehallion. As they call it, the champagne of lagers. As I call it, the world’s best canned & bottled beer. 

The champagne claim is a bit unfair, this is far better than the majority of what we now call champagne. Light yet flavourful with bubbles that dance across the tongue, this is a drop to be savoured. A beer that ruins all other home beers. It really is best in class.