Anderson & Sheppard Green Scarf


That moment when the weather changes, it feels like it creeps, gradually and silently. Like wet leaves beneath underprepared footwear.

Actually it’s instant, precise, one day summer, the next not. There may be flirtations, moments of hinted thigh, but the change is done. 

Of course, it’s not actually that cold, there is just a little bite in the air, a crunch on skin of wind and light rain. Too warm for coats, too cold for t-shirts alone.


In that moment, I turn to knowns, to familiars, to those items that live in my wardrobe year after year. Fashion doesn’t catch them, trends never leave them, they just exist and do a job.

It’s sweatshirt weather, early autumn bowls of home made chicken soup, when people aren’t looking hot pepper sauce, battered denim and sweats. 

The sweat sitting low on my neck, and Japanese so not for Purposeful Activity, the neck which some think exposed is the culprit for those October sniffles, those days spent under bed sheets, questioning why everything feels so heavy.

The chicken soup to ward against it, as well as this, an old favourite, not flashy, a green Anderson & Sheppard wool & silk scarf. Bought in a pair, the other in gold for my mother, I wear it a lot, it’s useful, lacks bulk and there’s something in the slightly 70’s wallpaper look which reassures. 


Green gauze, becomes green cloak wrapped, glen check, with a teeth mark from the dog, a puppy, when she considered it lunch. 

The scent of Perfumer’s craft deep within. 


Turning to it, I see the start of Autumn, of wet days on hilltops, crisp mornings in city wilderness. Of Lunch - everything comes back to Lunch or love – of the weirdly hopeful despite dying light dreams that people make the first two weeks of October. 

Some might go 70’s Angelino playboy and tie in a simple knot, others 60’s Antonioni extra, meets Miles Davis, end over end.

I’m simple in my tastes, quite like those two, but I go with round the neck, and then tied, before being placed – shoved – in the neck of shirt, Shetland or, you get the drill.