Anderson & Sheppard Ikat Scarf



Welsh mythological spirit, foreteller of a bad time a’coming & in my head the grey, early morning, rolling mist.

Rolling mist, a pain for most, but a photographer’s friend. So when the inevitable was seen this morning, I headed out early, lacking purpose and intention, just a hopeful sense I might get a decent shot for the ‘gram. I didn’t.

Instead, an internal monologue not so much about uniforms but those items we consistently grab on the way out of the door.

I have a selection, prized mostly because they show the stories of the things they’ve seen. 

Always things I’ve never been precious about, fussing about clothing is pointless. If it’s good and you like it use it. 

Fairly high up the list is this Cashmere & Silk scarf hand woven by a small family business in India with an ikat pattern for Anderson & Sheppard. Bought when someone died to remind me of them and promptly worn across the world.

From watching lightening over Lake Como, or avoiding snow in New York it’s been there. 

Over time it has become almost gnarled and felted, it’s something akin to the way a cork foot bed starts to become yours with wear. In our throw away world, this might be seen as a flaw, time to replace, I’d rather embrace. This is my scarf. No one else’s. Wrapped round my neck twice then the ends brought over and under. Or stuffed in my pocket as a just in case. 

The pattern has become less distinct. Breaking waves starting to foam against a quiet rocky outcrop. I always think of summer when I have this with me. Which is funny as it’s worn mostly in the depths of winter, when I’m usually in the middle of nowhere in the rain. 

Dogs spy it and think they’re going for a w-a-l-k. They’re normally right.