Landrace Hot Cross Buns


That doesn’t look much like the image for a people post.

And, you’re right. It’s not.

As today is a certain Friday and one filled with good weather at that, thought it was best to talk about something else.

Above are two hot cross buns from Bath’s new bakery Landrace

A bakery aiming to tempt the carb-phobic back into the fold. 

Bath is a funny place, achingly beautiful, far too beautiful and frankly, until fairly recently a place to visit as a tourist and little else.

Yes, there are a few great stores, Magalleria & Toppings for all your published goods, Danish lifestyle superstars Hay’s only UK store and one of my favourite pub’s is The Wheatsheaf in nearby Combe Hay.

Beyond that, Bath is tricky not to be a tourist in.

Slowly, that’s starting to change.

Late last year Tisbury’s wonderful Beckford Bottle Shop opened a restaurant on Saville Row and a couple of months later Landrace arrived on Walcott Street.

The bakery is next door to Bath branch of the South West’s finest  - hey, they tame mine – hairdressers Melanie Giles

Location is no fluke, nor the use of Westcombe Dairy’s excellent cheese. 

Light & airy, with a floor which looks very much like mine at home, Landrace is the new place, for some a social media dream.

Now, none of this matters, unless the product is actually any good. 

Their ‘morning bun’ a citrus rich breakfast treat topped with blood orange sugar, is the tastiest thing, I’ve eaten all year. 

In my house it’s become folklore, “remember, those buns…“

The bread is up there with loaves from my favourite, Frome’s Rye Bakery, the country loaf has a crust with satisfying crunch and slightly denser body than expected, perfect for good raspberry jam. 

All well & good, commendable, one day worth a trip. But why I implore you to jump in car and brave the bank holiday traffic are their Hot Cross Buns.

Fruit in cake, fruit in bread, dried fruit, and I don’t really get on. For a famously unfussy eater, I’m not keen. Each year I grin & glare at the thought of Hot Cross Buns. 


Split & toasted, salted butter, cup of coffee and I’m happy. The candied fruit doesn’t feel like an after thought, slighty darker flour makes the dough slightly nutty, the lamination and sheen is wonderful.

Apparently it’s bad luck to eat HCB’s before today, I can attest they’re worth the risk and have been gorging on them for weeks.

Now where did I put that broken mirror?