Raspberry Jam


So time for something new.

Away from all the chatter about glad rags and flip flops.

Semi regular. 

Sauce. Condiment. Accoutrement for the modern whatever I am.

Had planned on calling it “he’s got sauce”, but anyone who knows me will be wildly shaking their head and checking their nails right now.

For now no name, after a couple of coffee’s I’ll think of something cringe.

But, we start with this, not a sauce, a spread, a preserve and a king at that.

Never strawberry, but it’s tangier, tastier, sexier friend the Raspberry. 

Raspberry Jam.

This is my jam, exactly where I want to be each morning, pondering why someone, me, has messed with the toaster settings – what is number 6 for? 

I’ve tried avant-garde, Raspberry and Hibiscus Flower from London Borough of Jam which is great but, I am a purist, then there is the supermarket stuff, like topping your butter with sugared gunge, instead I flip between two, alternating jar by jar, and for once on this site, both reasonable.

The yummiest Jam of them all, Daylesford’s Organic Raspberry Jam and that Piccadillian Prince, Fortnum’s Raspberry Preserve.

Both tart and not overly sweet, crying out to be slathered on decent bread and to fornicate with proper salted butter.