Anderson & Sheppard Roll Neck


When you’ve been in this game for long enough, you accumulate the odd item of clothing. 

Accusations that you could open a store from my clothing collection are a bit unfair but true. 

Problem is, whilst I would struggle to part with any of it – I’ve really tried – I wear only a small percentage, returning to the same items day after day, year after year. Items which despite my best efforts I cannot find superior examples of.

Simplest of these is my merino roll neck from Anderson & Sheppard’s Haberdashery, bought I think pretty much the week Clifford Street opened to the public back in late 2012. 

Anderson & Sheppard will, I suspect, be a recurring theme so shall discuss in depth at a later date. 

Now this jumper, 6 years in, super soft and looking better than new, is a constant. Worn with tailoring, with jeans, with sweatpants. Frankly with anything and everything once summer has disappeared. 

I have countless A&S jumpers, all of which are great, but this is the one I return to. It’s so simple and practical, almost modest and thankfully far from looking like a piece of costume. 

Scottish made, with over long arms which roll back to a pleasing cuff, a neck that isn’t too tight and happily can deal with a scarf beneath or simply on it’s own. It’s heavy enough to be worn as an outer layer in October or under a melton wool coat in February. 

And then there is the make. Six years of constant wear and it hasn’t lost shape whilst washing like a dream – important. You’ll already know but this is proof of the superior value of good wool vs. cheap cashmere. 

Frankly unseen by the normal eye, but one of those true wardrobe heroes “where’s that from”, “proper nice bit of kit that” from the heads.