Anglepoise Type 3


On my desk an Anglepoise. A Type 3 by Kenneth Grange. Made in the UK. Bought from Margaret Howell, in black and chrome. 

Now, if that doesn’t get your post modern design juices bubbling then I suggest you go stand outside the Barbican Centre and have a quiet word with yourself.

It is just a lamp, I know that, and the market is saturated with ‘homages’, but, look at it, the full fat version. It’s so simple, so precise in everything it does. The interplay between the perfectly taut springs and the chrome bars allowing complete freedom of movement cannot help but make you smile, and with a satisfying flick of the switch it presents a polite, restrained, nicely brought up light.

For some reason the Type 3 with it’s rounded base, and I think more elegant features, is no longer in production. A pity no doubt, but one that makes me love mine all the more.