E.B. Meyrowitz Spectacles


Nothing on this website is essential. Few things are. Water, food, shelter, love, company, you know the rest.

Occasionally circumstances dictate that a ‘thing’ takes on a level of importance underneath essential but above most other things.

I’ve worn glasses since I was about 6. I’m an expert in wearing glasses, had nearly a lifetime’s practice. So my opinion holds some weight. From a childhood wearing glasses aimed at the superhero or cartoon character of the day, teen years of big brands made under license and adulthood wearing frames from smaller boutique brands, I ended up here wearing glasses from the Royal Arcade’s finest E.B. Meyrowitz.

Now, I must confess Jamie, the heir to spectacle’s throne, is a mate. We occasionally go for a coffee, well more a beer. So my write up better be good. 

It’s quite simple, as soon as I could wear contact lenses I did. Claiming it was for sporting reasons, but vanity was always there bubbling under. In the 3 years since I started to wear Meyrowitz, I’ve worn contacts 4 maybe 5 times. 

First thing in the morning, last thing at night, on they go & off they come.

Others may throw superlatives. So all I’ll say is, mine are a fine, round shape beautifully made from an unusual tortoiseshell acetate. They fit really well, are exceptionally comfortable and I can’t imagine not wearing them. 

They thankfully don’t make a statement and like all the best in luxury goods, do their job perfectly.