David Mellor Cafe Cutlery

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My mother, a Welsh mother, drums into me the importance of improving the everyday. 

 Elevate the simple things and the rest will come. Buy cheap, buy twice, all the maxims. 

Thing is, when you’re younger you want these overt symbols, things that show you to be doing well, for the benefit of others. We all, particularly those who claim not to, seek the approval of our peers.

As you get older, maybe you mellow, you realise that whilst a particular meal tastes the same regardless of crockery, there is a simple happiness from using good things. 

Things that last, things that feel nice, things that look good but, are not suitable for stunting on the ‘gram.

About 6 years ago I started buying cutlery from David Mellor, one knife, one fork, desert and tablespoon. Every time I went past I’d pop in and buy some more, until I had no use for any other cutlery. 

My choice was the ‘Café’ range, partly because of price and robust material, mostly because of the shape and the feel in the hand. It’s silly to call something perfectly balanced, particularly a fork or a teaspoon, but these are. 

They look the same as when I bought them, I even think they don’t mind my dishwasher. 

They will look the same in 20 years time, by which point I suspect the simple pleasure of using them won’t have worn off.