Corgi Boot Socks


With the surname Jenkins, it’s a fair guess to assume I’m that most exotic of nationalities, Welsh. 

South west Wales to be precise. On both sides. Where the Swansea and the Neath valleys entwine is from where we hail. 

Therefore, our predisposition is towards weather of the wetter sort. Ugly grey rain clouds are in our blood and it is true there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

That starts with footwear, when the rain calls, boots from Edward Green & George Cleverley will see you right for life. But what about your socks. What indeed? Well think of the poor weather, the desire for no inappropriate clothing, pop 2+2 together; Corgi

Corgi’s thick 100% cotton boot socks to be precise, knitted a couple of valleys over in Ammanford are the best. They are just socks. That said, socks of a perfect length, just thick enough without being cumbersome and unwearable and with a level of make and durability which really is superior to everything else on the market. They come in any and every colour. I personally prefer something subtle, then again, why not go wild?