Drake’s Scarf


Very useful a scarf. Beyond protecting your neck of course. 

I’m not going to claim a thousand and one uses, but a fair few. As such I pretty much always carry one. Who knows when you may need a makeshift dog lead, or to wrap up your camera or adopt some patch pocket stuffing? The ultimate team player.

This Drake’s scarf from way back when is a real pocket stuffer. Not suited to artful placing, it’s a wool and silk scrunch and go beast. 

Paisley enlarged in all the overripe, bruised vegetable colours, brown, purple, red with a splash of green. Those ugly and unloved legumes and pulses that are packed with flavour.

The composition is to be noted, wool and silk are a perfect match for our UK climate. Managing to be warm enough without being heavy. Perfect for those days when you don’t need the large Cashmere number


One final point on scarves, a very wise oracle (Audie Charles) once told me to tie your scarf and leave it. It takes time for it to settle properly and will always look better for it.