Perfumer H Rain Wood


Galbanum, elemi, patchouli leaves, cedar wood with a hint of black pepper and Myrrh. 

Sounds delicious. 

I’m thinking 3 Michelin starred menu. 

The idea of damp wood after the rain. Wonderful. Who doesn’t love that? 

Instead it is Rain Wood by Lyn Harris’ Perfumer H. Or as I like to call it, the perfume that changed my perception of the impact perfume could have. 

Scent, fragrance, ‘oh just something I splash on’, whatever you call it, perfume is tricky, what works for you, won’t work on me etc. Now, I quite like to smell half decent. I also think of myself as a fairly informed perfume customer. But rarely, outside of perhaps the odd sentimental choice do I ever make a repeat purchase. 

Rain Wood is different. I’ve bought it a couple of times and I suspect I will continue to wear until the apocalypse has passed. I’ll confess it’s not the only Perfumer H fragrance I own and wear, but it’s my go to, in the eyes of some, “it just smells of you”. 

So why Rain Wood. I couldn’t tell you, and that’s the beauty. I normally can tell why something smells good, but this confounds me, I just know it does. It brings primal feelings when I spray. I can’t smell it when I’ve got it on, but I know when I haven’t. 

Lyn & Perfumer H we will deal with at a later date as I believe she is one of the few true artists working in the luxury sector at present. A master, in complete control of her skill and craft. Possessing the unteachable skill of knowing when to stop, and how to push something further than could be expected. Living proof of the importance of actual experts, those with inherent ability mixed with hard won careers .