Purposeful Activity, welcome


Sometimes it’s best to start off on a message.

I believe in the British creative community, I mean how could you not? Regardless of what anyone says, it is the envy of the world. 

Dynamic and thought provoking. The creatives working in the UK across all sectors are producing work which manages to be both luxurious and desirable whilst showing us the future, today. 

I know this as an observer, a consumer and a businessman.

I’ve spent my entire adult life working in the fashion, luxury and retail game. The past 11 of which running Daniel Jenkins Ltd

From bricks and mortar stores in deepest Wales through to ecommerce, global retail and beyond, we have worked tirelessly to support, strengthen and retail British goods. From working with young emerging designers, through to established British Luxury. In that time I have witnessed a huge change for the better. 

Purposeful Activity is the natural follow on from that. My extended love letter to the people, places and things from the UK which are worthy of your attention, in fact they are frankly great.

A place where I can use the knowledge I have gained as a store owner, buyer and consultant to shine a light upon the inner workings of this industry. 

Recently there has been far too much negative press about the UK as a whole. Yes, we are going through possibly our most uncertain period as a nation. I like everyone else have no idea how it will turn out. I do know that in uncertain times great art is produced. This will be no different and it is our job to champion that. 

When you browse the site, you may notice that it’s all ‘done in house’, all imagery is shot by me and the crimes committed against the English language are mine also. This is deliberate, when ‘Daniel Jenkins’ the store was in full swing, we had a mantra that, we would never buy a brand which had approached us first, this will be carried on through. Everything you see is here because we believe in it. 

Like all new ventures, I firmly believe that we have exciting things lined up for the future. In the meantime, we start small. 20 things which I love and which make me smile daily. 


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