Trio of shoe saviours


This afternoon is the annual, unofficial, kind of, kind of not, DJ Lld Christmas party.

Well, by that I mean, the last of the Christmas shopping, a quick pint with couple of mates, in a few of Soho’s rapidly declining non gastro pubs, Blue Posts, the French, etc, etc, and the chance to not talk shop for an hour or two.

Like ever, I’ll make an effort on the outfit front – yes, my uniform is making an effort…

The weather, looks unfortunately biblical, galoshes at the ready. Not the weather to be out in calf leather Edward Green’s. Then again, I’m silly and I do prefer a dainite sole.

So the following is slightly wasted. 

That said, any excuse, and shoe polishing is one of my things.

I have most of the kit and some of an idea about how to do it. Although, it’s not my place to preach about method, if you’ll indulge me, the following three items plus some good brushes are about all you need.

First, Connolly Hide Care. A Beeswax and Lanolin cream that’s been a tried and tested favourite since I was cleaning my shoes for school – yup, I’m weird. 

One of those products, which looks like it wouldn’t work, goes on strangely, leads to mild panic, then cheekily allays all fears. 

Use sparingly in dosage and frequency. 

Whilst the outcome is tricky to describe in detail, think a soft yet deep shine. The ‘before/after’, London Underground, advert style difference is stark with first use, and over time, I’m convinced leads to increased comments from those in the know…

Second, decent shoe polish. This bloke I know, swears by the shine from a certain antipodean brand. Look, he’s right about the shine (even if it is short lived) and he’s wrong about the product generally. 

This same chap, is forever telling me that you have to put the expensive fuel in your car, that there is more to fuel technology than sheer marketing. In my mind it’s the same with shoes. 

So, Edward Green beeswax polish does me a treat. Again be sparing with dose, but more frequently than the cream. 

Third, a couple of Selvyt cloths. A Selvyt, pronounced Silvette, will perhaps not change your life, but I guarantee will make you polish your shoes more. It’s magic. 

Polish applied with the rough side, left to dry, quick once over with horsehair brush then allow the soft side to transport you towards what I previously thought was nonsense, the mirror shine. 

All very satisfying and thankfully, given it’ll have to be repeated because of the weather, quick.