Budd Pyjamas


Perhaps, it is the state of the nation. 

Perhaps, a personal recognition of the march towards middle age. 

Perhaps, a recognition that comfort is important. 

Who knows, but a couple of months ago you could find me in Budd, a fairly usual haunt of mine, having a highly unusual conversation about pyjamas.

I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I bought a pair, and I think I now kind of get it. 


Although, a touch complicated, there was no road to Damascus moment. No from the roof tops shout about night time attire. On the whole I still think that is all a bit overrated.

These Pyjamas, though, what ever they are, are great. 


I think, they’re for pottering about it. You know, coffee in the morning, answering early emails, lounging on the sofa in front of the fire, perhaps worn with a Shetland over top when the chill hits. Not in bed. 

Mine are Red ‘Wine’ poplin with white trim. Upon their arrival home, I washed and contrary to instruction tumbled four of five times before I wore them. They’ve been tumbled post every wash since and it’ll no doubt shorten their life, but the transformation of the fabric is worth it.

Made at Budd’s factory in Andover, the fit, is well, Budd. So voluminous. Which is as they ought to be. These are not designed to be flattering, but become so through lack of over design.


This is normally the point at which I attempt to insert a snappy tag line, exclaiming that these are the perfect example of home based tailoring, that your life is not complete until you’re sprezz-ing it up in a pair, that rare Japanese import Miles Davis vinyl as soundtrack and drop of firewater in hand. 

Now, that’s all a bit too smooth for me.

But, I will say this, I purchased as a Budd fan, a Budd fan that comes from a long line of Budd fans & wearers, so I knew they’d be beautifully made, gorgeous fabric and with that wonderful, highly, Budd fit. 

That said, I expected them to just scratch a curious itch, I would wear once or twice and then proclaim I was right and these were for people unlike me.

So the fact I’ve caught myself eyeing up other colours, fabrics & even some ‘home based tailoring’ from other Mayfair based pyjammering institutions, proves a couple of things, that I can occasionally be wrong & that well, these really are very good. 

Just don’t wear them in bed.