Santa Claude Coffee


Good coffee is not just for Christmas, although good coffee usually skips Christmas, becoming either gloopily and mouth jammingly, saccharine sweet or flavoured with spices that make you wonder what warm milky pot pouri is like at 7am.

Perhaps, this is the yearly proof that caffeine and sugar mixed are less about taste but pure rush, a get through Christmas wrapping unscathed companion.

Which is why I avoid Christmas Coffee products at all costs, well nearly all.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a ‘Christmas’ bag from one of my favourite coffee providers Roundhill who are a big part of the South West’s coffee revolution. Is there a better place to get a coffee in UK than the South West at present? 

Santa Claude, created in partnership with Café Imports and Sprudge, is very good.

Very good, in that I’ve forgotten my usual Christmas Coffee boycott and quite happily have been through a couple of bags of this. 

The coffee itself is villa sarchi from Finca Chayote, a small family run producer in Costa Rica, it’s been processed using the honey method, and tastes like Christmas in all the ways that the coffee mentioned before just does not.

Passing all sorts of taste tests in the meantime. 

This morning I had a tonne of gravel delivered by two of our more likely local lads. Once finished I made them a pot. Silence. A real rarity. Then some questions about origin “ah, Roundhill, we drink that at home…”