Anderson & Sheppard Handkerchief


So, that’s it, Christmas weekend is upon us. 

You’ve managed to do just about half your shopping and are possibly stressing about those last few bits.

Normally, I’d suggest that you neither worry, nor bother getting the rest. Because let’s be honest, last minute shopping usually has terrible and expensive results. 

In this case though, it’s simple. Toddle on down to 17 Clifford Street and grab a handkerchief or five.


This will be the most welcome and useful gift either for yourself or anyone else. 

Ok, fine, but who carries a handkerchief nowadays? Well me. Every day. Bit of a thing. Fresh one in back pocket each morning. 

You may chuckle at the thought and many have, but, don’t knock it, it’s the most useful thing.

I have quite the collection, from plain to patterned, to which I add whenever a new colourway or print arrives at Clifford Street. 

Going through the neatly folded pile – trying to not mess it up - picking, purchasing, and taking home is all part of the ritual. 

Then once home, the process of opening the box and slowly ripping the crisp A&S tissue paper is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year!