Heywood Hill Blue Ribbon


At home a book problem. 

Too many books.

Quantity over quality.

Now, I don’t entirely agree with the above. Yes, I can see the merits in occasional streamlining and yes, a cover can deceive you into buying a dud you don’t wish to finish. 

That’s why you need Heywood Hill. Specifically your own bookseller at Heywood Hill. It’s the dream shopping scenario, it’s simple, I either pop in or send them an email. Andrew who looks after me, knows what I like, what I don’t like and what I’ve read. 

Every month/6 weeks or so, Andrew puts together a list, stuff I would never have considered but always good. I take one in my bag and have the rest shipped, brown paper and that great blue ribbon encasing each.

The last couple of years I’ve read as much as ever but spent less, finishing all.