Bar Termini £1 Espresso stood at Bar


Bar Termini coffee at bar.

 Coffee culture, I’m a fan. Got all the kit and subscribe to an unbreakable morning routine of caffeine intake. 

 From grinding beans, through to precise water temperature. I really ought to get out more.

Why not to the coffee shop? Nah. 

Coffee shops are stressful places, places that feel like jazz soundtracked excursion into the modern workplace. 

There are notable exceptions, although upon reflection, these tend not to be coffee shops per se, flat whites drank sat on the bench outside of Present. That was the spot for a while…


There’s Termini. Old Compton Street. The home of London’s best bargain. The £1 espresso taken stood by the bar.

This is a slice of proper Italian coffee culture in the middle of the still a touch tasty end of Soho. 

Yes, there are other £1 joints, but none of them offer the whole package, from barista banter, people watching and life contemplating.

Then it’s done. 2 minutes. That’s all you need.